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eCommerce fulfilment services for luxury jewellery brands.

Jewellery Fulfilment

Leading luxury jewellery brands turn to PFS for eCommerce fulfilment that meets and exceeds customer expectations. Our DTC and B2B fulfilment provision comprises customised value-added services (VAS) including personalisation, kitting, branded packaging and gift wrapping – putting your brand at the forefront of the supply chain each and every time.

As part of our VAS, we provide:

  • Customised security: From simple to manage commercial security to highly restricted access to the precious metals and gemstones of iconic fine jewellery brands.
  • Small product storage and inventory control: To ensure small charms, pendants, and other jewellery products are stored securely and inventoried accurately for loss prevention.
  • High-touch customer service: For accurate brand representation across channels (email, chat and voice) reiterating each brand’s identity and values throughout.
  • Scalability to any volume: Self-guided picking, system controls, and built-in quality assurance minimise training for quick scalability, high productivity, and accuracy no matter the volume.
  • Transparency and flexible control: Full visibility into your solution and your own hands-on proactive solution team empower you to manage fulfilment in real time.

With 20+ years as an industry leader in jewellery and luxury accessories, PFS is the 3PL uniquely capable of matching your brand’s look-and-feel with each customer interaction, and helps you deliver on brand ethos with each order.


To support our VAS, PFS’ cloud-based omnichannel solution, RetailConnect, can help turn your stores into fulfilment centres supporting increasing eCommerce demand to improve your omnichannel offering.

Using intuitive software and light-weight hardware:

  • Speeds up store fulfilment
  • Reduces errors
  • Expands delivery options
  • Enables effortless rate shopping
  • Provides detailed reporting