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Increase omnichannel productivity within your storefront through RetailConnectSM Store Edition.


RetailConnect does not replace your existing omnichannel solution; rather, it complements existing omnichannel operations by automating in-store picking activities to speed processing and reduce errors.

Omnichannel can be challenging. From the strain it puts on the store environment to inconsistent customer experiences to IT systems that aren’t up to scratch, retailers have many challenges when it comes to meeting today’s omnichannel expectations. That’s why we created RetailConnectSM Store Edition. Buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) and ship-from-store are becoming second nature for today’s consumers. With RetailConnect, small to medium sized businesses are equipped to support these activities so they can compete with the bigger names in retail without putting a strain on store operations.

RetailConnect Store Edition Diagram
RetailConnect Store Edition Diagram


RetailConnect does not replace your existing omnichannel solution; rather, it enhances existing omnichannel operations by automating in-store picking activities. RetailConnect systematically organises in-store processing of BOPIS and ship-from-store orders, speeding up processing times and reducing errors. The simple solution requires a brief training period and minimal store footprint.


  • Integration with your existing eCommerce platform, DOM and omnichannel systems
  • Light-weight hardware that easily fits in store stock rooms
  • Automated process with step-by-step instructions that reduce errors and increase productivity
  • Cloud-based store associate portal to manage the operation and run reports

Key benefits:

RetailConnect equips your store operations with highly efficient processes that lend to an exemplary customer experience.

  • Dramatically reduced processing times
  • The ability to pick multiple orders at once
  • Inventory management that avoids overselling in the store
  • Built-in quality assurance practices for 100% order accuracy
  • A multi-step process that allows multiple team members to be involved
  • Quick processing frees up store associates to perform regular store tasks


Shoppers have grown accustomed to the convenience of omnichannel operations. RetailConnect allows you to exceed customer expectations by enabling them to shop for and receive products when and how it is convenient for them. For example:


  • Customers who are out of town during a major sale are still able to take advantage online
  • Whether it is because they live too far or merely out of convenience, customers can have orders shipped directly to them
  • Customers can avoid shipping charges, but still benefit from the convenience of online shopping by picking up in-store

Client Spotlight: White Rock Soap Gallery

White Rock Soap Gallery

A Dallas-based artisan gift shop, White Rock Soap Gallery (WRSG) features natural and handmade soaps, candles, and other home goods. After struggling to keep up with omnichannel demand during the previous peak season, WRSG implemented RetailConnect ahead of the 2019 peak season. The solution supported store picking activities for BOPIS and BOSS orders with exceptional results:

  • Holiday orders cleared in just three days, compared to seven the previous year 
  • Store associates were able to process 10+ orders at once vs. one-by-one 
  • Store associates were freed up to handle store tasks thanks to faster processing 
  • Experienced 100% accuracy for all orders fulfilled via RetailConnect  
  • Shipped orders to customers in 34 states across the US 


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