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Say goodbye to inefficient manual picking processes and start increasing pick productivity and accuracy with CloudPick. Built by PFS, CloudPick carts combine state-of-the-art technology from Pcdata with PFS’s ingenuity to create a fast, flexible pick cart solution that can be deployed in your distribution centres and works with your WMS. Hardware and software are bundled on the carts, so everything you need to start picking comes with your carts – no hidden fees. Shorten training times, simplify integrations, and adjust carts based on product needs, all while improving picking efficiency.

How It Works

The CloudPick carts are equipped with LED lights that enable put-to-light picking, one of the most effective and efficient picking methods. The Client’s WMS communicates shipments and pick path information to CloudPick via a simple API connection transmitted over Wi-Fi.

After initiating the pick process, CloudPick directs the picker through the pick path. Upon arriving at each product, the picker scans the product’s barcode and the lights below the corresponding orders/totes on the cart light up, displaying the quantity required. The picker pushes each light to confirm the put after placing the product(s) in the tote.


CloudPick’s highly efficient process averages a 25% increase in productivity over voice-controlled picking.

CloudPick Features:

  • Equipped for put-to-light picking
  • Pre-built carts in 30, 60, or 120 tote capacities
  • Minimal integration requirements for a cost-effective, quick startup
  • Clear display of commands/next steps on cart screen or scanner
  • Reporting via PFS’s WebFocus reporting portal for real-time visibility


  • Quick deployment
  • Shorter training cycles
  • Improved pick productivity and accuracy
  • Real-time inventory movement
  • Real-time pick productivity reporting
  • Productivity displayed on carts
  • Reduced operating costs

The CloudPick Model:

CloudPick Model


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