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Provide your customers with branded customer care that is tailored to mirror your brand’s values and style. Throughout our international, multilingual customer support locations, our phone, chat and email agents are immersed in your brand to provide a seamless extension of your culture. In every customer care centre, we have updated display cases of clients’ products, allowing agents to experience the products for themselves and educate shoppers. Product training can be supervised by the clients themselves or by highly qualified PFS professionals.


In addition to our US based customer service solution in Dallas, Texas, international customer service is core to our offering. Support locations are based in Canada and Belgium, with capabilities spanning 9 languages.

Multilingual Capabilities - Flags | PFS Customer Care Call Center


To go the extra mile for our clients’ customers, we provide detailed quality control for every solution. This includes strict grading criteria and performance monitoring as well as evaluations, calibration sessions, coaching, training, attentive trend evaluation and collaborative action and incentive plans. We train each agent to be upbeat, courteous and professional when building rapport with customers to provide the best possible shopping experience.


Each location leverages the same customer care technology, integrated with PFS’s OMS as well as clients’ digital shopping sites. Our call centre application, a SaaS offering, enables agents to place, modify and cancel orders as well as access customer accounts and receive step-by-step instructions when needed, reducing training time. It also features a built-in escalation process and returns authorisation capabilities.


Features of the application include:

  • Built-in escalation process
  • Returns authorisation capabilities
  • Step-by-step troubleshooting tool
  • Client login for full visibility
  • Highly branded scripts
  • Customer history, including notes and contact history
  • Callback tracking and monitoring
  • Quiz mode to train agents on products and policies
  • Deployment and licensed models


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