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A reliable eCommerce solution that equips you to grow your online presence, whatever you’re selling.

High-Risk Products

Brands and retailers selling high-risk products online often run into compliance issues and payment disruptions. If you sell nutraceuticals, HAZMAT or other high-risk products, our solution provides the business continuity you require to take full advantage of the growing eCommerce market.

Whether you are an established brand seeking to add CBD products to an existing online store, or a startup looking to enter the eCommerce marketplace for the first time, our solution helps you provide a consistent and positive online shopping experience.


Brands selling products that fall into the high-risk merchant category codes (MCC) run into some challenging roadblocks:

  • Fragmented solutions – There are very few one-stop-shops for businesses in this sector, which means additional effort is required to get their products to market
  • A knowledge gap – The environment is fluid. Best practices around systems, compliance, supply chain management, payment processing, etc. are still being defined for this category
  • Unpredictability – Service providers such as payment processors are still formulating, and changing, official company policies. There are frequent payment disruptions due to unpredictable changes
  • High-cost – Cost of fraud management for these products is very high and low-risk products are typically lumped into the high-risk category when sold together, further increasing costs


Working with our Agency counterpart LiveArea for website support, the PFS solution fully addresses each of these pain points by:

  • Creating a one-stop-shop. We provide everything you need to bring your products to market quickly
  • Providing expert advice on website compliance issues and guidance for adding these products to your eCommerce channel
  • Offering a well-defined solution that drives speed to market for your business
  • Driving cost savings by separately processing low- and high-risk products in a unified shopping experience
  • Delivering business continuity through a network of payment processors that ensure redundancy should one provider stop supporting high-risk product


CBD Nutra Business Model


  • Website build from PFS’ agency counterpart LiveArea
    • Supporting Fluent, SalesForce Commerce Cloud, Magento, BigCommerce
    • UX Design
    • Compliance setup
  • Payment processing
    • Access to multiple payment processors and banks
    • Standard credit card authorization and settlement
    • Alternative payment integrations
    • US state sales tax support
    • Highest level of PCI compliance – level 1, version 3.2.1
  • Fraud management
    • Separate review for high- and low-risk products
    • Consultation services throughout implementation
    • Operational management of fraud rules and reviews
    • Overall approval percentage rate around 95% vs. industry standard 93%
    • Data-driven recommendations to find the right balance of protection
    • Scalable staffing plans to accommodate volume fluctuations

Industry knowledge, provider redundancy, cost efficiency – Start selling high-risk products online with confidence through PFS.


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