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Positive customer care experiences that inspire brand loyalty.


A positive, personalised customer care experience can make the difference between an abandoned cart and a lifelong customer.

Whether your customers need VIP beauty recommendations, want to track an order or want to initiate a return, PFS has you covered. We not only provide fast, friendly answers to the ever-recurring “Where is my order?” question, but we nurture the customer relationship as a whole, drive repeat sales and serve as an indistinguishable extension of your brand’s culture. 

More than simply call centre outsourcing, we offer a variety of support channels, assisting your customers via their preferred channelWe also know how important it is to deliver an excellent experience regardless of where your customers live. That’s why we offer multilingual support from our contact centres that are strategically located across four countries.  


We create a seamless extension of your brand through our international, award-winning customer care.


  • Phone, email, live chat, social listening and chatbot support
  • B2C and B2B industry experience
  • Multiple staffing models: dedicated, augmented and shared
  • International locations with multilingual agents
  • Brand-immersive training
  • Inbound and outbound contacts
  • Proprietary customer service application
Dallas, TX

Dallas, Texas

Our largest contact centre is located in a downtown high-rise building with dedicated training rooms, branded product displays and a modern, open-concept work environment.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico

With bilingual agents and time zone alignment with our Dallas location, our newest contact centre benefits from a large labor pool and a modern facility with ample room for expansion.

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, Ontario

Located in our Canadian headquarters, this centre serves the entire Canadian market with multilingual customer care and can also provide overflow support for our US contact centre.

Basingstoke, England

Basingstoke, England

With native English language support as well as diverse multilingual talent, our Basingstoke centre services UK and European customers from a single convenient location.

Southampton, England

Southampton, England

Our Southampton contact centre is located onsite at our UK distribution centre, providing an enhanced element of collaboration between the two solution areas. Southampton also offers multilingual talent in support of UK and European customers.

Engaging work environments inspire passionate support unique to your culture, values and products.

Why outsource your customer service operations?

It’s simple: scalability. In-house contact centres often struggle to keep up with contact volumes during peak periods. PFS offers the branded customer service typically seen only in in-house contact centres, plus the scalability to meet volume fluctuations.

Need to augment your existing staff during busy periods? Want to develop a shared model that blends in-house and outsourced customer care? Or are you looking for highly branded, dedicated support? Whatever the need, PFS can craft the ideal solution for your business. Beyond staffing scalability, our flexible solution also meets varied requirements for language and hours of operation, all while presenting a consistent, on-brand experience.

What channels and verticals does PFS have experience with?

We work with clients in an array of industry verticals, including health and beauty, consumer packaged goods, apparel and more, through both B2C and B2B channels. One of our specialties is providing product consultations based on our in-depth knowledge of your brand, such as advising customers on the right beauty product for their skin type or working out unique payment terms for a dental practice ordering toothpaste samples. Learn more about the verticals we serve.

How do you recruit, train, and retain quality talent?

We believe that a memorable customer experience starts with friendly, knowledgeable agents who are passionate about your brand. We’ll consult with you to create a hiring profile that represents your brand in exactly the way you want. You can participate as much or as little as you want during the hiring and training process, whether that means bringing in your own staff to train agents or simply providing your brand’s training materials and letting the PFS professionals take it from there.

We equip our agents with the resources, incentives and competitive compensation they need in order to provide your customers with a positive, loyalty-inspiring interaction. This includes incentive programs for outstanding performance, ongoing training, an annual appreciation week and an engaging work environment that includes displays of our clients’ products.

What type of security and technology do you use in your contact centres?

Our contact centres require badge access and our systems are PCI Level 1 compliant. We use an advanced technology suite to manage our workforce, forecast contact volumes, route calls, respond to emails and chat with customers. Our proprietary customer service application empowers agents to serve as an extension of your brand through integrated order management tools, brand-based scripting and customer account access. Additional technologies enable our agents to provide a level of service that reduces call abandonment rates, meets the demands of peak volumes, improves the value of each contact and increases customer satisfaction.

Why PFS?

Customer expectations have evolved beyond the limited capabilities of the one-size-fits-all call centre. We understand you need a true partner you can trust to build positive relationships with your customers and drive revenue for the long term. Our agents are ambassadors for your brand who understand your business goals and are passionate about helping you achieve them.

Regardless of what services we provide for you, our experience across the entire eCommerce lifecycle gives us a unique perspective on engaging customers and helping you grow your brand.


Learn more about our carefully crafted offerings and extensive experience in the industry.