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Leveraging our in-region fulfilment options can save 10-20% on cross-border processing fees.

PFS Brexit Solution

As the Brexit deadline draws nearer, retailers and brands can no longer afford to postpone addressing the changes this transition will undoubtedly bring.

The time to rethink your supply chain for a post-Brexit world is now. The satisfaction of your customers and, ultimately, your brand’s reputation depend on you making the transition as smooth as possible for consumers.

PFS offers a multi-geo fulfilment solution that can help prepare your business for the post-Brexit world. Leveraging distribution centres located in the UK and Belgium, we offer quick fulfilment to customers across the continent, with minimal customs fees. Our solution ensures fast, affordable eCommerce fulfilment for your operations across Europe.


Setup domestic operations within the UK from our Southampton facility. This modern, energy efficient facility is PFS’ newest distribution centre. This facility offers the latest possible cut-off times, improved speed to market and reduced import/export costs.


Our Liège, Belgium facility offers an ideal solution if the majority of your customers are on mainland Europe. The location supports quick access to main transport links and next-day delivery to much of Europe. The team also provides Merchant of Record services for VAT management and reporting.


Utilizing both DC locations, we can provide support for each geo with minimal customs fees. Our Distributed Order Management system (DOM) systematically determines which facility orders should be routed to depending on your business rules, with easy adjustment for changing business needs.

We can also leverage inventory from either facility to streamline operations, either funneling all receipts through the Belgium DC first, or shipping product directly to the UK DC.


We offer diverse multilingual talent in support of your cross-geo customer service operations. Our solution offers quick scalability and, with the option of work-from-home agents, we ensure business continuity under even the most extreme circumstances. Learn more about our customer service operations.


By leveraging in-region fulfilment, brands can save an average of 10–20% on cross-border processing fees. But it doesn’t stop there.

Other benefits include:

  • Protected brand experience
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Improved speed to market
  • Access to Royal Mail within the UK for faster, cost effective in-country fulfilment
  • Distributed order management (DOM) technology for effective order routing
  • Lower delivery costs
  • Effective returns management
  • Reduced import/export costs
  • Tax savings benefits

Case Study: PANDORA


During the 2019 peak holiday season, PANDORA’s volumes exceeded forecasts by 103% in Belgium and 130% in the UK. We leveraged our DOM solution to route a portion of the UK orders to our Belgium facility to help process the tremendous volume. All customers received their order before Christmas Day.

PANDORA also experienced a significant increase in customer service volume during this period. We utilised our global contact centre resources to help ramp up email support across the UK, US and Mexico, providing customers quick, highly responsive support.


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